Home Watch Services for Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Sanibel, Florida


Home Watch Services for Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Sanibel, Florida

Hurricane Ian

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As Floridians, hurricanes are a part of our life and history.  They are something we endure in order to live in the beautiful State of Florida and close to the beach.  With that also comes the risk of having to prepare your home once a storm is named and hope your home withstands the forces of nature.  If you are not here to prepare your home, what would you do?  Who would you trust to enter your home to complete a post-storm inspection?

We at Sun Seeker Home Watch are experienced home watch professionals here to help.  As a home owner you need someone you trust to watch your investment while you are away.  Whether you are a seasonal homeowner, take extended vacations, or unfortunately have taken ill, you would benefit from someone to help protect your investment.  We are risk mitigators which means we help our clients protect their homes before and after hurricanes.

If you are new to having a home watch service or maybe you are unhappy with the service you received from your current home watch company, we would like to share how we helped our clients prepare for Hurricane Ian.  Communication with our clients is very important to us and the timeline below shows the progression of events and the communication we had with our clients before and after Hurricane Ian.


Our Hurricane Ian story:


  • Ian forms and becomes a named storm


  • Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency for all of Florida
  • 1st email to clients was sent to let them know we are executing our hurricane preparation plan


  • We prepared and secured our clients homes which included deploying shutters and securing items in yards and around pools if needed. 
  • Each client was provided a report which included pictures of their shutters in place and anything else we secured for them.


  • 2nd email to clients giving them an update on Hurricane Ian letting them know what the weather was like and how things we going


  • Hurricane Ian makes landfall


  • 3rd email to clients post Hurricane Ian. 
  • We let our clients know we were ok and safe, that there was no power or water and that due to the devastation we were hearing about we would be staying home that first day to allow emergency services get around. 
  • We informed our clients we would start our post hurricane storm inspections as soon as we felt it was safe to travel around town


  • We conducted post storm checks and notified our clients through phone messages


  • 4th email to clients with a Ft Myers update


  • 5th email to clients with another update about what was happening around the cities


  • 6th email to clients which was a One Month Post Ian!
We tried to stay in contact with our clients as much as possible.  We know how nervous all of them were about their homes and how much they depended on us to help protect them.  Communication was essential with each one of our clients after the storm.   We were their only source of information as to how their home withstood Ian.  We did everything we could to give them as much peace of mind as possible…our clients value their homes and so do we!
Sun Seeker Home Watch is an Accredited Member of the National Home Watch Association.  We have passed a strict vetting process, including background checks, bonding, insurance and interview process.

Additionally, Marty and Jenny have met the requirements to be designated as Certified Home Watch Professionals by the NHWA after attending training and passing their certification exam. Only a small percentage of home watch businesses employ CHWP designees. You can be sure that Sun Seeker Home Watch will exceed your expectations!

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Insured, bonded, Accredited and certified All for your peace of mind

Do not trust your your home or your peace of mind to some cut rate hobbyist who does Home Watch as a side job.  This is our profession.  We take our business seriously.

We are the BEST choice!


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